What I Can Do .

Wordpress Websites

I can install themes and plugins, add and update content, make SEO improvements, migrate website to another hosting. Also custom plugins and features. Also any general troubleshooting if your website is not looking or working right.

Php Programming / Coding

I have experience in Php programming to develop web applications that communicates to a Database to manage and analyze data. I usually work with MySql, Jquery or plain Javascript and Bootstrap CSS.

Hosting, Domains & Email

I can help you set up your new Hosting account, purchase domains and point them to the right server. I'm familiar with CPanel and AWS EC2 servers. I can set up emails with your website's domain. I can also do migrations for most types of PHP applications.

Wordpress Websites .

How The Process Works
1. Project Description

You tell me about your project, type of content and your requirements and expectations, and if possible, you show me examples of other websites you like or that are similar to your project. The more information you give me the better understanding I have of your project, this is very important.

2. Price and Time Estimate

I give you a price and time estimate and if you agree we continue with the next steps. The price only includes setting up the site and content (my work), it doesn’t include hosting, domain and theme, please read below for more information about this.

3. Search Template

Based on your information I search templates that can meet your expectations and budget. I present to you 3 to 5 demo templates we could use, you give me feedback on then, you can select one of those or I keep looking for other options and we repeat this process until you are happy with a selection, which then you purchase directly or through me with no extra fee.

4. Hosting & Domain

If you don’t have a Hosting and domain already purchased, I’ll give you a few options and you can purchase that directly or through me with no extra fee either.

5. Content

You provide me with the content you want to show on the website, this should include: logos, company/personal contact information (emails, phones, location if applicable), description of company (Mission, Vision, Goals, etc) for the About Us page (if applicable), social media links (if applicable), general text content to fill website, images (if you don’t have any, I can search for 100% copyright free images or premium stock images, which you’ll need to purchase separately).

6. Delivery

Between 5 to 10 business day, depending on quantity of content, I’ll give you the first finish version of your website, you review it and any changes you consider will be done for the next 3 days, after that all changes will be extra. During the 5 to 10 days of development expect to answer questions about specific sections of the website, your feedback will be require at all times.

Are you ready to start your project?