It’s official, YOAST is possible to please. And it’s all about the Focus keyphrase, o keyword, if you use only one word.

I followed these simple steps when writing the content for my latest (test) post that got the perfect score with the plugin:

  1. Choose a topic and set the focus keyphrase. It has to be a phrase or word that you can easily incorporate a few times in your content. How many times, will depend on the length of your text. YOAST recommends a minimum of 300 words. Therefore you have to come up with more than a paragraph if you want to score green on their length meter.
  2. Write sentences of 20 or less words. Separate long sentences into two using a ‘.’, and adding transition words like ‘because’ or ‘but’ so the narrative is not abruptly cut. (Check the full list of YOAST transition words for your language here).
  3. About the keyphrase: it should appear at the beginning of your Title, Meta description and post’s slug. Also, it should appear on the first paragraph of the content.
  4.  Add at least one image to your post, if you are using WordPress, adding a ‘Feature Image’ should be enough. Make sure to add the focus keyphrase to the ‘Alt’ property.
  5. Link to a minimum of 1 internal page and 1 external page in your content. If you noticed above, I linked to my previous post and to the YOAST list of transition words.


Follow these steps and try to cover as much of them as possible, you may be able to get away with a couple. But to get the plugin to give you the green light you need to have more checks than misses.

PS. I highlighted the focus phrase in this post for your reference. 😉 Good luck!


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Photo by Stefan Cosma on Unsplash

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