Is it possible to write the perfect post for YOAST? Let’s find out now. Right here, in this post. As I write this, at my friend’s house, on her brother’s birthday. Yes, I’m that desperate.

I have to tell you though; I’m new to this whole perfecting-content-for-SEO thing. I’m not new to web development and code optimization but I have learned the hard truth: a website is nothing without good content.

So here I am, writing instead of programming. At a party, because I can’t handle another day without knowing exactly what YOAST consider a perfect post, I’m tired of the dreaded red and mostly orange dot.


You must be wondering: Why now? You’re at a party. Are you an antisocial or something? Well, sometimes (Introvert over here). But not today, I just didn’t know about the party, I just tagged along. It’s my BEST friend’s (Hi Caro!) brother, so yeah, I don’t need an invitation (her words, not mine 🙂 ).

Ok, back to the issue of the perfect post. How am I doing Microsoft Word? It says I still have one hundred and eight words to go, well, less now. Yes, I spelled the numbers so I could up my word count. Sue me. I’m proving a point here.

If you are not familiar with YOAST, they recommend a minimum of 300 words per post. I’m not a writer, this doesn’t come easy.

One more paragraph to go and I can start re-editing this, because I’m probably going to have to change things to make YOAST happy. It’s like trying to please a demanding boyfriend or girlfriend, you know?

I should be honest here, sometimes they makes us better because we improve ourselves. The problem comes when they try to completely change us and –

Ooook, that went completely out of topic but I made my point, right? Right. And you know what? I’m way pass the 300 words! Yay!

I should probably end this with how my post scored on YOAST and what I learned. But I think I’m going for the cliff-hanger and let you wonder until I make myself do this all over again. And tell you all about it. Sorry.

I will tell you something else I learned though, and you probably won’t care, but I’ll say it anyway: I actually enjoyed writing this. I know there’s a lot of room for improvement, like a lot, but now I’m sure I can do this.


Update: It’s possible.

Perfect Post Score

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