As of 2019 almost all browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, etc) will alert you if a website is “secure” or not, showing you something like this:

Secure site
Not secure site

When a website is not secure it means it doesn’t have a Secure Sockets Layer or, as it is better know, an SSL Certificate, which changes the common http:// protocol to https://. In a very short explanation it means that your site properly encrypt sensible data, like passwords and credit card details, that your customer or visitor may send you.

Now, your website may not ask any information to the visitor but if you have any login system like on any WordPress website it is recommended to purchase an SSL certificate.

Want to know more details? Check this article

If you want to secure your site first check with your hosting and domain providers if your current plan already have it, certain providers include it when you purchase a domain or a hosting plan, all you need to do now is install it and activate it.

But if you’re looking to purchase an SSL certificate from another registrar or your plan doesn’t include it, I recommend, you can check their options and prices here

Need help to purchase or install your certificate? I can help you, send me a message here with your details, your site can be secure in less than 1 hour!

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