As a developer I found that understanding the client’s vision of the project is crucial for a good development and for meeting their expectations at the end. The developer should always ask all the questions and clear all doubts, the more information we have the better. We shouldn’t have to assume what the client wants, we have to know.

Now, the clients not always know what they want, and in those cases we can present a number of options for them and they’ll know if that’s what they want, or as more usually happens, what they don’t want.

Other times, you know exactly what they want but because of acquired experience, you know that their idea won’t work, but they don’t see it, it’s your job to show them why it doesn’t work but in a respectful way and most of the time it works better if you SHOW them why it doesn’t work.

Yes, sometimes you might work double but you’re offering a service and you want them to see that you care about their project, it makes a difference.

Doing the right things is always the right thing

Gary Vaynerchuck

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